Our Beliefs

Our Commitment to Equity

Family Futures is committed to forming a more equitable society for future generations. We take this work seriously and believe equity is essential to ensuring all children have a chance to thrive. We know that kids aren’t gingerbread people, so there can be no one-size-fits all solution to keeping them safe and strong. We work with families to provide universal services with a common goal – to build strong families. To ensure we practice equity and inclusion in our services, we target our approach to meet the needs of the population we serve, recognizing that not all families come from the same place in life. We are proud, full partners of Partners for a Racism Free Community.

Using a targeted universalism and structural fairness model, we develop customized solutions to meet the complex needs of the families we serve. Simply put, targeted means setting a universal goal and creating customized paths to achieve that goal. Targeted universalism recognizes that not all people start from the same place in life and works to bring equity, rather than equality to its service models. This visual is our attempt to showcase our intent of shaping a more equitable society. Learn more about using this image at your agency and download a jpg through the link below:

Guidelines for image use – Targeted Universalism – Family Futures

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