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In early 2013, Family Futures presented findings at the Society for Research on Child Development Biennial Conference in Seattle. The findings demonstrated gestational age at birth is a predictor of a child’s healthy development. In simple terms, this research shows that the closer to 40 weeks of gestation, the more developmentally on track a child is. Click here to read the publication abstract and here to view the poster.

In 2014, Family Futures again presented a poster at the Society for Research on Child Development, “Integrating Protective Factors and Targeted Universalism to Engage Diverse Families in a Community Wide Child-maltreatment Prevention Program.” Click here for a PDF of the poster.

In 2016, Family Futures presented a poster at the International Conference on Infant Studies. The findings presented show that each week of gestation past 35 weeks is associated with a reduced likelihood of developmental delays in a child’s second year of life. Click here for a PDF of the poster.

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