Why We Care

The Challenge We Face

Kent County has a big challenge to overcome. In 2011 alone, 47.9% of children, or an estimated 1 million children, experienced one or more adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). This is a staggering number, but it is preventable.

Family Futures cares about all children. We want to raise awareness of ACEs as well as how to prevent them. We believe when parents have access to the right resources, right training, and right tools, positive results are sure to follow.

Our parent coaching, home visiting, and community education all uphold our mission to shape a community in which all children are supported and reach their full potential.


Equity is Essential

There is no one size fits all solution for helping children and families in West Michigan. We work with our families to provide universal services with a common goal. However, just because a program is universally offered, does not mean everyone will use it.

We care about all children, so we want to make sure our programs are used by as many families as possible.

That’s why we use targeted universalism and structural fairness models. To ensure we practice equity and inclusion in our services, we target our approach to meet the needs of the population we serve. We are proud to be recognized as a full partner by Partners for a Racism Free Community.

This visual shows the importance of equity-based programs.

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Why We Focus on Prevention

We want to shape a community where children can be supported to reach their full potential. Rather than trying to do damage control on problems already caused, we focus on preventing the harm from ever happening. We use prevention based services, based on the set up of Protective Factors.

Some of our services include:


Community Education

Community Education

We offer programs such as Mandated Reporter Training and Trauma Training. These training’s are for community members in order to form a safer culture for children. 



Provides critical information on child development to parents of children five and under. This helps grow parent’s confidence and peace of mind.                                                           

Healthy Families

Healthy Families

Gives support, information, and resources to expecting parents. This provides parents with tools to help their children, ages zero to three, succeed.                                                                    

Padres Fuertes

Padres Fuertes

Strong Fathers works to promote men’s health, enhance father-child relationships, and build life skills. // Padres Fuertes sirve para promover la salud, enriquecer las relaciones entre padres y niños, y desarrollar habilidades de vida diaria.
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