Supporting Family Futures on Social Media

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There are a number of quick and easy ways to serve as a champion for Family Futures using social media. A few of the tips shared by JDP Partners at our June 2016 board retreat can be found below.


  • Update your profile to reflect your work with Family Futures- In any section within your profile, the upper right hand corner has a ‘pencil’ icon which when selected allows you to ‘edit’ any content within that section. Once you add or change content, remember to then select ‘SAVE’ which is typically at the bottom left corner of the section being edited.
  • Add to your Skills and Expertise – in relation to your board work, consider adding the following:
    • ‘Non Profits’
    • ‘Philanthropy’
    • ‘Non-Profit Leadership’ etc.
  • Update your Summary to reflect your passion for Family Futures. “Proud to work with such incredibly talented people at Family Futures as we strive to shape a community where all children are supported to reach their full potential.”
  • Add your board work to Volunteer Experience in your profile.


  • Go to Family Futures Facebook page and ‘LIKE’ it. By doing this, as a follower of the Family Futures page you’ll receive our Facebook postings.
  • When you are on Facebook and see a Family Futures posting on your news feed –
    • ‘Like’ it (you’ll find this option at the bottom of the post.)
    • ‘Share’ it with your network. When you select ‘share’ you’ll get a window with options such as – Share Now, Share with Friends, or Write Post.  Any one of these Share options increases Family Futures reach but it’s important to note, ‘Write Post’ makes your sharing even more powerful – as you can add a short personal message to it.   Messages such as  ‘I love the work Family Futures is doing.’ ;  ‘This is just one reason I’m proud to be a board member of Family Futures.’; ‘Great Information from Family Futures!’
  • Recruit your network on Facebook to ‘LIKE’ & follow Family Futures on Facebook. –  Use your status posting to make a personal statement regarding your work with Family Futures and invite your network to ‘LIKE’ & follow us too.  e.  ‘I’m passionate about the work of Family Futures!  As a current board member of this great agency, consider this an invitation to ‘Like’ Family Futures too!



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