Safe Sleep Practices

This document shows the infant safe sleep steps that parents should follow when putting their babies to sleep at night and for naps. It also shows the unsafe sleep practices that parents should not follow, as they can result in infant death.

Naps: The Basics

This article addresses frequently asked questions about how many naps a baby should take throughout their first year, understanding and identifying “sleep signals,” and finding a schedule that works for your family.

Sleep and your 1- to 2-Year-Old

This article focuses toddler sleeping patterns, where they should sleep, and how to help them maintain a consistant bedtime routine.  It also addresses how to handle sleep problems such as night waking and nightmares.

All About Sleep

This article outlines the recommended amount of sleep for children from birth through their teen years. It explains how to respond when a baby cries throughout the night or experiences teething or nightmares, and provides suggestions for enforcing bedtime and nap time...