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Strengthen Kent County Families

Family Futures is committed to helping parents be the best they can be by providing education and support. We make a point of partnering with other groups to bring about the best possible results for parents and families. Since the challenges we face vary widely, we seek partnerships that bring uniquely innovative solutions. Our success depends upon community investment. Families in Kent County are stronger when they have the support of our entire community. This list outlines how your support can strengthen Kent County families:

$5,096 One year of Healthy Families for a family including 52 home visits to strengthen the families who need it most    

$2,425 Full Connections service (from birth to age five) for five families

$1,078 Ten home visits to families through Healthy Families with a Family Support Worker to help strengthen the parents any way they may need

$485 One year of developmental screening and support through Connections for five children

$97 One year of Connections including developmental screenings, access to a Parent Coach, and helpful newsletters


“Connections is wonderful! I know exactly where my children should be developmentally and what areas we can work on. I feel more informed and prepared for what they need to be doing. Also, it’s helped us get ready for preschool!” “I would recommend Healthy Families to anyone – even if you think you already ‘know it all.’ Because, once that bundle of joy arrives, everything you ‘think’ you know goes right out the window.”

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