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Parenting is a journey.

Healthy Families is here to help.


Waiting for a new baby seems to take forever! Nine months of preparation seems like plenty of time though right? However, once the baby is home, life changes quickly and can be overwhelming for parents. Healthy Families recognizes that parenting is a journey and we’re here to help guide the way. Our goal is to help parents to be at their best, so that their children grow up happy, healthy, and encouraged.


Healthy Families is available at no cost to Kent County parents with a newborn under three months old.

Each family is matched with an experienced, caring family support worker who visits parents at home to support them. Healthy Families also connects parents with valuable resources for the whole family.


If you are a parent living within Kent County and are either expecting a new baby or have a newborn under three months old:


  1. THERE IS NO COST in enrolling and participating in Healthy Families.
  2. Your Family Support Worker comes when it’s convenient for you.
  3. You have the reassurance of a caring, experienced professional to ask questions and get answers about parenting.
  4. Increase your confidence by learning about child development from credible sources.
  5. You’re in a circle of support! Healthy Families partners with childcare centers, medical resources, parent programs, preschools, and connects you with other parents.
  6. You receive great ideas on how to promote your baby’s development through play and interaction.
  7. Your Family Support Worker can help you plan and problem solve everyday challenges in your household.
  8. You can enroll before your baby is born and get help staying healthy for you and your baby during your pregnancy.
  9. Healthy Families is focused on meeting your specific needs and the needs of your child.
  10. Healthy Families is with you for the long haul. Beginning as early as your pregnancy and staying with you until your child is three years old.
Take a Closer Look
Healthy Families strengthens the bonds between parent and child and stays with families for the first years of a child’s life. The program is a partnership between three local non-profit agencies: Family Futures, Catholic Charities of West Michigan, and Arbor Circle. Family Support Workers serve both the parents and the child by providing information and encouragement on child care and development, nutrition, play and interaction, medical considerations, and much more.

What is a Family Support Worker?

Family Support Workers are professionals trained and experienced in supporting parents and their families. They understand the stress and challenges of parenthood, answer all kinds of questions, and can help parents problem solve as challenges arise. They are flexible with families’ needs and schedules in arranging weekly meetings. The goal of every Family Support Worker is to support parents, and make sure your child is developmentally on-track and making good progress.

Program Numbers That Count
Last year (2015) Healthy Families  –

Served 325 Families :

98% of children served were on-track developmentally

94% of children completed their immunizations per AAP recommended schedule

99% of children had a primary care physician

Sign up for our Healthy Families program as soon as your baby is born. It is free for families living in Kent County. For more information, please call (616) 454-HOPE (4673) or email

Healthy Families is accredited by the national Healthy Families America association, meaning our program meets the necessary standards of their evidence-based home-visiting program model.

What Healthy Families Parents Are Saying

Wendy, my family support worker, has been a big help. I’m still wondering what would happen if she wasn’t my worker. I get a lot of help from her.
This program was helpful for me as a first-time mom since I had read all the books but still felt unprepared. It allowed me to ask questions of another mom and hear practical advice or feedback. It was also very convenient.
I would recommend this program to anyone – even if you think you already “know it all.” Because, once that bundle of joy arrives, everything you “think” you know goes right out the window.

Support Healthy Families

Join us in providing great support to parents in Kent County by contributing to our Healthy Families program today. Your generous support will touch lives at a time when they need it most.


Volunteers are integral to building brighter futures here in Kent County. To find out more about our next training opportunity, please call (616) 454-HOPE (4673) or email


It takes an entire community to protect children and support families. Those helping us create a better future include:

  • State of Michigan
  • Michigan Department of Human Services
  • Arbor Circle Corporation
  • Catholic Charities of West Michigan
  • Welcome Home Baby


Our funding is provided in part by:

  • Kent County
  • State of Michigan
  • United Way
  • Private Donations
  • Michigan Department of Human Services

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