Healthy Families

Parenting is a journey…

Healthy Families is here to support you!


Healthy Families is a support program available for pregnant women and new parents with an infant three months old or younger. This program is available to all Kent County Residents, regardless of income or insurance. Each family is matched with an experienced Family Support Worker who will come to your home, or location of your choosing, centered around your schedule. They can support you with your child’s development, your family’s health care, and connecting you to resources and other support as needed.

What can the Family Support Worker do for my family? 

  • Help you care for your baby, family, and yourself

  • Provide fun family activities in the comfort of your own home

  • Provide fun family activities out in the community, in places like the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum, the library, the zoo, and many more!

  • Help make your home safer for your baby

  • Help you learn how your baby grows and develops, before and after birth

  • Provide access to community and medical resources

  • Help to provide assistance with transportation

  • Provide monthly parent support groups and activity groups in the community

  • Provide donated baby items to your family as available

Program Numbers That Count

Last year (2018):

The average percent of on-time immunizations is 99%

97% of active participants reported that their children have a primary health care provider

99% of parents did not have a confirmed case of child abuse/neglect

100% of parents agreed that Healthy Families helped them “build a stronger relationship with their children; made them better parents; and helped them understand how children learn and grow”

What Healthy Families Parents Are Saying

Wendy, my family support worker, has been a big help. I’m still wondering what would happen if she wasn’t my worker. I get a lot of help from her.
This program was helpful for me as a first-time mom since I had read all the books but still felt unprepared. It allowed me to ask questions of another mom and hear practical advice or feedback. It was also very convenient.
I would recommend this program to anyone – even if you think you already “know it all.” Because, once that bundle of joy arrives, everything you “think” you know goes right out the window.

What Healthy Families Believes

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