Who We Are

Our mission reflects our passion: to shape a community in which all children can reach their full potential. It’s ambitious but the need is real.

It is common when parents and families struggle, feel isolated, uncertain, and disconnected. We often refer to our work as ‘connecting the dots’ between parents, children, and community. Those connections are made through education and support, partnering with other community resources, and using research to develop effective and innovative solutions.

Parenting strength and confidence grows through programs like Connections.                                                                                                  Which helps families:

  • To recognize and support appropriate developmental milestones for their child.
  • Learn How to play, interact, and nurture the parent and child bond.
  • Access additional resources, if developmental challenges are identified.

The Healthy Families program  provides assistance if a family experiences challenges that represent high risk for their children.              This includes:

  • Personal in-home coaching
  • Education ensuring the child is provided a healthy and safe home environment.

Community Education/Mandated Reporter Training provides knowledge to keep children safe by recognizing signs of abuse and neglect, and make people aware of how to report these cases.              The training covers:

  • The Child Protection Law
  • Responsibilities of mandated reporters
  • Indicators of child abuse/neglect
  • What to do when a child discloses abuse/neglect
  • Role of Child Protective Services

Our programs and services continue to evolve in serving the needs of parents and children. While we focus on prevention, we are broadening our scope to include the impact trauma and toxic stress have on the lives of children and families throughout our community. As we move forward, we will be fully engaged in integrating a trauma-informed approach in all our programs, providing social-emotional screening for children served through our programs and building resiliency while supporting those affected.

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