Our History

It’s amazing to think that the very first children we served are now in their 30’s and having families of their own. The journey Family Futures has charted in that time is just as amazing. We opened our doors in 1985 – known as Kent County Council for the Prevention of Child Abuse with the focus on preventing child abuse and neglect. In 2011, we revised our name to Family Futures to more closely align with our vision of preparing families and their children for a positive future. Throughout our thirty-plus years, this organization has remained steadfast in our goal and belief that providing a good solution prevents multiple problems. Our mission reflects our passion: to shape a community in which all children can reach their full potential. It’s ambitious, but the need is real.

It is common for parents and families to struggle with feeling isolated, uncertain, and disconnected. We often refer to our work as ‘connecting the dots’  between parents, children, and the community. The connections we facilitate are achieved through education and support, partnering with other community resources, and in using data and research to work proactively in developing effective and innovative solutions.

Thirty years have gone by quickly. Family Futures has had the privilege of crossing paths with thousands of incredible individuals along the way; parents, children, teens, donors, volunteers and so many more. It has been an amazing journey because in each family, every child has a unique and incredible story to share. These are the stories that shape our community. Our work, our mission, and the hope it inspires for the future of children and families continues.

Working Together

At Family Futures we begin with a desired outcome in mind, then partner with others to move toward that vision. This means collaborating with fellow agencies, foundations, and local government to achieve far more than we ever could alone. Even in difficult financial times, Family Futures has remained focused on what it takes to help families thrive. In short, we define our work through partnerships that respond to a simple question: what will it take for more families in Kent County to be healthy?

Proven Results

As a results-driven organization we’re committed to data, measurement, and evaluation. We monitor several numbers, including the number of children and families we serve, the quality of our services, and the impact made by our programs and services. By gathering available evidence and data, we continuously learn from and improve our work.

Protective Factors

While parents do their best to prepare for raising a family, few, if any, would claim to have all of the answers. Family Futures helps parents and caregivers from all walks of life strengthen the protective factors in their lives. Protective factors are conditions in communities that increase the health and well-being of children and families. In many ways, they serve as buffers, helping parents find resources, supports, and coping strategies that allow them to parent effectively, even under stress. Studies have shown that establishing protective factors decreases the likelihood of child abuse and neglect.

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